We leverage are unique technique to ensure manufacturing on time and quick delivery.


We offer prototyping services ranging from FDM print to full mould design and testing. We can provide a fully injected parts in less than 7 work days. We use sophisticated CFD analysis software and CAD software. We offer injection moulding analysis and fast design changes for better process optimization.

Engineering / Designing

Our engineering team has a vast knowledge regarding moulding process and plastic materials. We can reverse engineer designs and supply you with superior product. If you have your own design we can adjust it for injection moulding process and easier machining.


Our facility and technology allows for fast production of small quantity of parts. We offer a vast range of materials ranging from PP, HDPE, ABS, POM, Noryl to even glass filled PA, PPO. We offer microinjection moulding for precise small components.

Additive manufacturing

Our company offers FDM and DLP 3D prints. Max DLP print 96x54x200 m. We offer STIM technology manufacturing.